Further Information

Here is a "mixed bag" of links to useful information, all of which are helpful, interesting, or offer valuable insights


Long (1 hour) wide ranging podcast by Cathy Symons CVT, CCRP. Covers loss of sight, dog senses, training etc. We disagree on the use of halos (other than post-op) but Cathy shares my approach to enabling dogs. Well worth listening if you have the time.

The Blind Dogs: Enabled video channel

Excellent online support group

Watch how much an older dog can achieve when his owners show him he can. You may need tissues for this one!

Youtube channel by Lenny Justine, covering all you would like to know about choosing, training and being owned by Dachshunds

Toxic plantsAn invaluable list of garden plants which are toxic to dogs...blind or sighted!

Double dapplesCheck out the dachshund breed council info on the tragic reasons why breeding this coat pattern is so irresponsible

TRF - The RED FoundationQuite simply the best rescue charity I have ever worked with, and the reason that I am now owned by two dachshunds.

Good dog trainers can be hard to find!I can recommend.....

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