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The Home Team: The Home Team

We have all been upset by the loss of our matriarch Lola, in the Spring, , and are only just beginning to settle down into a new pattern.As always though.... in this house...another rescue will undoubtedly be along in a minute!


Charliie is our clown! He arrived as a 16 week old puppy, still with stitches and post-op collar from the removal of both eyes due to an infection picked up at birth but ignored by his breeder


In 2018 we were contacted to ask if we would consider taking Norman.A show and stud dog for five years, it was only when the breeder sold him on to a pet home that he was discovered to be blind (PRA).The new owners did not want a blind dog, so this very scared little boy came to me, and now owns my heart. He is our security guard and defends me daily from rustling leaves  moving ants, alien invaders...!


The baby of the family, Cookie was part of an RSPCA seizure of over 100 dachshunds in an illegal breeding ring, and was just a few weeks old when rescued. Her "double dapple" coat pattern is not recognised by the Kennel Club for registration as it is so often combined with major health defects - some obvious, some hidden.Cookie has almost no eyesight and impaired hearing


Proud owner of the team, and previously 'mum' to a blind Schnauzer who lived an amazing life and is still remembered with love. 

Barbara has been involved in both canine and feline welfare for many years -   working in a busy rescue & re-homing centre, in private rescue, fostering several blind dogs, and as the developer & organiser of a national seminar aimed at educating breeders which was supported by nationally recognised animal welfare charities, and internationally renowned veterinary specialists.

She has also successfully hand-reared in excess of 100 orphaned kittens!

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