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When 'PTS' should mean 'Please Try Solutions'

It is hard to credit that, in this day and age, vets are still recommending that blind puppies be euthanised.

Sadly, many breeders will also request euthanasia for sight impaired babies.

Although it is understandable that a breeder may not be aware of other options, there is simply no excuse for veterinary surgeons not to explain that putting a puppy to sleep purely because of sight issues is neither rational nor reasonable..... they can grow up to lead normal, fulfilled and happy lives. If the breeder won't contact a rescue for help, then the vet should.

It must be shouted, here, that many vets are educated enough (and many breeders savvy enough) to know this. Todays' soapbox is all about the many cases we hear of where blind puppies are STILL being put to sleep!

One of the puppies in the picture above had no vision. She escaped euthanasia because people were willing to fight for her.... and specialised help was offered.

Two years on, and she could give any of her littermates a run for their money!

The truth is that the alternative solutions are not that difficult. All it takes to raise a blind puppy to be an active dog is lots of love and some common sense.... the puppy will do the rest!

All vets should know this, and should be refusing PTS requests.

It is understandable that breeders may not want it known that they have bred dogs with a problem. That has always been the case.

Or it may be that the puppy is from a "one-off" pet litter, and the owner is simply unaware of other options.

In either case, we need to shout loud and clear that

there are other solutions!

1. Breed rescues can, should, and do help

2. If the specific breed rescue cannot help, other small rescue organisations can!

(In the case of dachshunds, you can contact the amazing Red Foundation

or directly email Blind Dogs Enabled via this site)

2. Information is available to support owners... and it may be surprising to hear that yes! there are people who will adopt blind puppies!!

So please, join me on the soapbox.

Let's shout out loud and clear that blind puppies should not just be put to sleep ....


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