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A new life ahead...

Today we waved goodbye to Pepper, a visitor who has been with us since July.

Peps was bred in Spain, so her white tummy was not an indication of double dapple breeding, but a rather cute expression of her Tri-colour Merle coat.

She had a few other distinctive features, bless her......a lack of teeth, which meant her tongue peeped out most of the time, an IVDD history which meant her walk was a lot less than straight, and around 2kg of extra poundage which wasn't helping at all.

Scroll forward 14 weeks, and a slimmer, bouncier, girl met her new mum for the first time. We all know dogs have pretty reliable instincts but even I was surprised when this little barker uttered not one sound but just went to sit by this newcomer...and rolled over for a tummy tickle. It seemed she had made her own choice.

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to fosters, but Pepper has gone to a fabulous, caring, home. The Bloghouse crew are missing her, but wish her every joy in her new life xxx

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